Visa Requirements



Please keep the following documents with you during travel:

You should keep the following documents with you during travel:

  • Airline Tickets and/or any e-ticket references for your commercial flights. Most airlines do not require reconfirmation but you still need to check for schedule changes 72 hours prior to your flight.
  • A certified colour photocopy of your passport and other important documents for use in case of lost or stolen originals (kept separately from the originals).
  • Valid passport – with at least 6 months validity and six empty pages.
  • Please note: Temporary passports are NOT accepted in Botswana.


Citizens of certain countries are required to obtain visas well in advance of travel for Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique.  Please note that certain visas can take up to 3 months to be processed so please consider this when booking and note that it is your responsibility to check before final confirmation.

The below is a guideline only.  Visa costs and requirements are subject to change without notice.  Travellers are responsible for checking up-to-date visa requirements with their local embassy or consulate prior to travel.


Fees for Visitors to Zambia & Zimbabwe who are elligible to receive their visa on entry

Zambia: U$D 50.00 for single entry/ U$D 80.00 for double entry.

Zimbabwe: Europe and USA: U$D 30.00 for single entry/ U$D 45.00 for double entry.

UK & Ireland: U$D 55.00 for single entry/ U$D 70.00 for double entry. Canada : U$D 75.00 for single entry/ double entry to be obtained from local embassy prior to travel.

PLEASE ensure that you buy the correct visa for your itinerary at the first point of entry and plan in advance for multiple-entry visas if required as these are not always available at the port of entry.


KAZA UNIVISA – Zimbabwe and Zambia

Travellers planning to visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia should apply for a UniVisa (also known as KAZA visa).  The visa can be obtained in advance, as well as at ports of entry.

The UniVisa allows travellers 30 days travel within both Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is also valid for daytrips to Botswana.  Travellers must remain within Zambia & Zimbabwe for the visa to stay valid.  Visiting Botswana as a daytrip will not affect the visa’s validity, provided travellers return to Zambia or Zimbabwe the same day.

For details of who is eligible to apply for a UniVisa and more information visit:


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