Rafting and River Boarding COMBO


The Zam­bezi River is to ri­ver­board­ing as Hawaii is to surf­ing. The river is clas­si­fied as a high volume; pool drop river i.e. there is little ex­posed rock either in the rap­ids or the pools below the rap­ids. The dis­tance between rap­ids al­lows time to relax and pre­pare for the next chal­lenge. The gorge it­self var­ies between ap­prox­im­ately 140m to 250m deep mak­ing for spec­tac­u­lar scenery.

Excluding park fees of US$ 10
Min 2 pax
Only in Low season

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The Trip
The Combo con­sists of two of the most ex­cit­ing activ­it­ies on the river, ri­ver­board­ing and raft­ing.

We use shorter sec­tions of the river, as we tend to stop at “play spots” along the way to surf, ride whirlies and “squirt” (best de­scribed as “fly­ing un­der­wa­ter”). First of all, you must have basic swim­ming abil­it­ies and a reas­on­able state of fit­ness as a min­imum pre­requis­ite. Basic skills are taught in still water and then we pro­gress into mov­ing water. At any time you may opt out of the trip and ride in the sup­port raft. Also, the trip leader may re­move you from the water and into the raft at any time if, in the trip leader’s opin­ion, you do not pos­sess the ne­ces­sary skills, fit­ness or men­tal state to safely con­tinue the trip.

The length of the trip (e.g. half day and full day) and the num­ber of rap­ids run de­pends on the level of the water in the gorge.

The min­imum age is 15 years. Chil­dren under 15 years may par­ti­cip­ate sub­ject to con­sulta­tion between par­ents and trip leader. The max­imum age limit is de­pend­ent on the in­di­vidual’s gen­eral state of health, phys­ical fit­ness and con­sulta­tion with trip leader.

No pre­vi­ous body board­ing ex­per­i­ence is ne­ces­sary if good swim­ming skills are com­bined with a “GO FOR IT” at­ti­tude. A reas­on­able level of fit­ness is also re­quired.

Ex­pert guides, wet suits, booties, hel­mets, life jack­ets, fins, body board with wrist leash.

On the river our safety raft car­ries water and juice. At the top of the gorge, at the end of the trip – com­pli­ment­ary soft drinks and beers are en­joyed.

Guides are fully trained pro­fes­sion­als and hold a valid first aid cer­ti­fic­ate.

You must be aware that any water activ­ity con­tains an ele­ment of risk. A com­pre­hens­ive first aid kit is car­ried on each trip. You are re­quired to sign the Zam­bezi Ri­ver­board In­dem­nity form prior to de­par­ture. Our sup­port raft also car­ries a radio for com­mu­nic­a­tion with our bases in Vic­toria Falls and Liv­ing­stone and dir­ect with M.A.R.S. (Med­ical Air Res­cue Ser­vices).

Price – US$ 190
Excluding park fees of US$ 10

Min 2 pax
Only in Low season


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